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Disinfection Services

As the news has been dominated by information about coronavirus disease (COVID-19), everyone is concerned and looking to protect themselves, their staff, and their families. We understand that the health and safety of your clientele, employees or family members are on the line right now, which can cause you overwhelming stress. When it comes to disinfecting your building, office or home, don’t take any chances, call the professionals.

Our cleaning technicians at Manantial Cleaning Services is always ready to disinfect your place of business or residence. A member of our team will meet with you to evaluate and determine the best disinfection solution for your property or facility. Our cleaning professionals are experienced and certified to provide the best deep cleaning and disinfection services on Long Island, leaving your home and business clean and disinfected. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for effective disinfection services is greater than ever. It has been discovered that COVID-19 can survive on some surfaces for up to a week with high transmission rates making it hard to contain. Sharing tight quarters at home or in a work setting requires proactive detailed cleaning and disinfection which not only benefits your physical health but your mental health as well. By trusting us to effectively disinfect your place of business or residence, the stress brought on by COVID-19 will miraculously disappear knowing that we will get the job done right.

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Full-body Personal Protective Equipment in accordance with CDC guidelines

Now is the best time to have our professional cleaning team at Manantial Cleaning Services thoroughly clean and disinfect your home, office or place of business. Our experienced cleaning professionals always take extra precautions, by using full-body Personal Protective Equipment in accordance with CDC guidelines, to provide our customers with the most detailed disinfection possible while eliminating the risk of exposure and contamination.

EPA-approved products applied by our certified cleaning professionals

Our disinfection service includes the use of EPA-approved products that are applied by our certified cleaning professionals. Manantial Cleaning Services understands you have a lot on your mind, so our team will accommodate busy schedules and emergency requests, and can perform disinfection services at your convenience. Contact our dedicated team to learn more about our disinfection services and convenient scheduling for a no-commitment quote.

Trust us - we are prepared for this!

Our dedicated team of cleaning experts is ready to serve any business or residence with the best cleaning and disinfection services on Long Island. When you choose Manantial to disinfect your home or business, an experienced cleaning professional will meet with you to determine the best course of action for your property. We adhere to CDC guidelines and are trained to properly disinfect any infectious disease, virus, or bacteria, leaving your place of business or residence completely sanitary. Our certified cleaners are outfitted with fully encapsulated personal protective equipment that includes N95 respirator masks, gloves, boots and hazmat suits which are worn at all times. 

Pre-Disinfecting Services

We will note that this process may include one or more of our deep and detailed cleaning services in order to effectively disinfect your property. It is imperative that an office or residence be thoroughly cleaned before being disinfected, as disinfecting products are less effective if they come into contact with dirt, dust or other debris found on common surfaces. Manantial Cleaning Services offers a variety of deep-cleaning solutions designed to leave your business or residence clean and ready to be disinfected. 

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